Projected Capacitive Touch monitors

Obeytec’s Projected Capacitive Touch Monitors series or pcap touch monitor uses an integrated frame design that supports easy-to-implement rear bracket mounting and VESA mounting methods. This series has a border-less design and thin features, which can be effectively integrated into any embedded application machine. In addition, the open touch display monitor series fully supports easy-to-implement back and VESA mounting methods, and provides a size range of 8 to 65 inches, and provides a different type of touch screen integration options, such as Resistive touch screens, Projected Capacitive touch screen, Infrared touch screen, and SAW touch screen.

PCAP Touch Monitors, IR Touch Monitor, Resistive Touch Monitors, SAW Touch Monitors

Projected Capacitive Touch Monitor Support OEM/ODM and customized features.
AG:Anti Glare Customization
AR:Anti Reflective Customizable
AF:Anti Finger Prints Customizable
Thickness 4mm/6mm Customizable
Additional Glass cover Customizable /No Air Gap Supported
High Brightness 700 nits /1000 nits/ 1500 nits with Auto dimming controller
Smart Cooling Fans
RS232 Touch Interface
Computer Integration Android/Windows board

Projected capacitive touch monitors: Capacitive touch screen+Aluminum Frame+ Metal

Metal Frame Projected Capacitive Touch Screen, IP65 Surface Waterproof,Standard brightness VGA/DVI+USB Touch

Projected capacitive touch monitor with LVDS: Capacitive touch screen+Alumiunm Frame+ No Back cover+Lvds Only

Projected capacitive touch monitors: Capacitive touch screen+Plastic Frame+Metal Back Chassis

Projected capacitive touch monitor with LVDS: Capacitive touch screen+Plastic Frame+ Metal Chassis, No Back cover+Lvds Connector