15 Inch Resistive Touch Panel Elo Touch Compatible | OB-R5150C7

15 Inch Resistive Touch Panel Elo Touch Compatible | OB-R5150C7



15 Inch Resistive Touch Panel Elo Touch Compatible | OB-R5150C7

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Product Description

15 Inch Resistive Touch Panel Elo Touch Compatible E055550/ E212465/E896820 | OB-R5150C7

Technical Data
Part Number OB-R5150C7
Screen Diagonal 15″
Format 16:9
Active Area (L*W:mm) 307*236
View Area (L*W: mm) 307*236
Outline Dimension (L*W:mm) 332.95*248.9
Surface Disposal Anti-Glare Coating
Anti-Newton Ring (Option)
Glare (Option)
Glass Thickness 3 mm
Touch Technologies
Touch Technologies Analog Resistive Touchscreen
Sensor Construction ITO Film and ITO Glass
Input Method Finger
Gloved hand
Passive stylus
Active Force ≤ 45g~110g
Linearity Error ≤1.5%
Response Time 10ms
Surface resistance 200Ω~900Ω
Operating Life Finger Input Over 5,000,000 hits
Character Input (pen) Over 100,000 Characters
Surface Hardness Over 3H (per ASTM D3363) based on technology requests
Environmental Specifications
Light Transmission Over 80%(Meet ASTM D1003)
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C (no condensation)
Storage Temperature -30°C ~ 80°C (no condensation)
Operating Humidity 10%~90% RH at 60°C, non-condensing
Storage Humidity 10%~90% RH at 40°C, non-condensing
Chemical Resistance Alcohol, Gasoline, Machine Oil, Ammonia, Glass Cleaner, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Salad Oil
Vinegar, Lipstick, Toluene, Tricholoroethylene, Athetone, Wine, etc.
Electrical Characteristics
Operation Voltage Typical +DC 5V (3~7 V)
Interface FPC Pintch 0.5mm/1mm (connect with mainboard)
Via Controller Board:
1. Full Duplex USB 2.0 (Full Speed) Plug and play compatible
2. Serial RS-232. Baud Rate: 9600, 8 Data Bits, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity
Current 5mA~25mA
Electrostatic Endurance No abnormal appearance after 10kv, 100Ω, 250PF electrostatic used
Isolation Resistance >20MΩ @ DC 25V
Resistance 300Ω< X Axis <900Ω, 200Ω< Y Axis <800Ω (according sizes)
Agency Approvals CE, FCC, ROHS
Reliability Tests
Heat Cycle 70℃ /240 hrs
Cold Cycle -40℃ /240 hrs
Thermal Cycle -40℃ ~70℃ [60 min./cycle] *10 cycles
Resistive Touch Drivers
Operation System Dos, Windows ME,Windows 95,Windows 98,Windows NT4.0,Windows XP
Windows 2000,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10
Mac OS


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