50 inch Wall Mounted Touch Monitor, PCAP Touch Display – OB500PCK

50 inch Wall Mounted Touch Monitor, PCAP Touch Display – OB500PCK


50 inch Wall Mounted monitor, PCAP touch display monitor | OB500PCK
1. 50 Inch Projected Capacitive Touch Monitor 1920*1080, Brightness 250cd/m2
2. VGA/DVI/ HDMI 1meter (Choose 1)
3. Power Adapter*1
4. Brackets*1
5. Color option: Sliver / Black

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50 inch Wall Mounted Touch Monitor, PCAP Touch Display


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Product Description

PCAP(Projected Capacitive) touch monitor is a type of display that uses projected capacitive touch technology, allowing users to interact with the screen through touch gestures such as swiping, tapping, and pinching. When mounted on a wall, it provides a sleek and modern solution for interactive displays in various settings such as classrooms, meeting rooms, and retail environments.
The touch technology used in PCAP touch monitors provides accurate and responsive touch input, allowing users to interact with the screen as if it were a large tablet. This is especially useful for collaborative settings where multiple users need to interact with the display simultaneously.
PCAP touch monitor is an excellent choice for wall-mounted interactive displays. With its slim frame, beautiful appearance, and high-quality display, it can enhance any environment while providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.

50 inch Wall Mounted Touch Monitor, PCAP Touch Display – OB500PCK Specification:

Display Parameter LCD Specifications Brand New Original Package LCD Commercial LCD Panel
Display Size 50 Inches
Display Area 1096*616mm
Resolution 1920*1080
Viewing Angle 89/89/89/89 (Left/Right/Up/Down)
Brightness ≥350cd/m2
Backlight Type E-LED
Response Time 16.7M (8-Bit)
Working Frequency 60HZ
Pixel Arrangement RGB Vertical Strip
Touch Parameters Touch Solution Projected Capacitive Touch
Drive Mode HID Drive-Free
Touch Points 10 Touch
Touch Media Finger Or Capacitive Pen
Touch Accuracy 2mm
Response Time <8Ms
Touch Calibration Software
Touch Interface Tempered Glass
System Solutions Chip Solution 68676
System Functions External Signal, Input Display, Touch Control Of External System
Input Interface USB (Touch)*1, HDMI*1, VGA*1, DVI*1, Audio*1, MIC*1
Audio Amplifier Built-In Two High-Quality Tweeters
Touch Connect Plug And Play (Both Ends Of The Cable Are USB Males)
Signal Channel Automatic Identification
No Signal Standby Automatic Standby Black Screen When There Is No Signal Input, Automatic Power On And Bright Screen When Input Signal
The Above System Configuration Can Be Replaced With Android And Windows Systems
Body Parameters Border Material Aluminum Alloy Oxidation brushed Profiles
Border Color Black, Silver Optional
Body Color Black
Tempered Glass 3.5Mm Thick High-Strength Physical Tempered Glass
Dimensions 1158.84*679.41*74.6Mm (Including Hanger)
Hanging Hole Size 400*400Mm
Package Size 1200*730*125Mm
Packaging Material Gravity Neutral Carton
Net Weight/Gross Weight 26KG/28KG
Working Environment Scenes To Be Used Indoor
Input Voltage AC110-220V
Working Power ≦88W
Standby Power ≦1W
Use Environment Temperature‐20℃~60℃/Humidity 10%RH~90%RH
Storage Environment Temperature-10℃~55℃/Humidity 10%RH~90%RH
Accessories Machine Body *1
Hanger *1
Power Cable*1
Wall Screw*4
Warranty Card Certificate*1


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