43 Inch Slot Gaming Touch Monitor OB430PTK3C-4K

43 Inch Slot Gaming Touch Monitor OB430PTK3C-4K



43 Inch Slot Gaming Touch Monitor

Projected Capacitive Touch screens Vandal-proof 10 touch points

Resolution 3840*2160, Brightness 300cd/m2

VGA/DVI/HDMI, USB Touch, 110-220V AC

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Product Description

Product overview

Touch display is a professional touch display product designed for games, high-end places, gambling, self-service terminals and other equipment, such as, self-service terminals, game consoles, gambling machines and so on. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, convenient installation and high cost performance. All products adopt multi-point projection capacitance touch technology, which has the characteristics of fast touch response, high precision and strong anti-interference.

Product characteristics

  1. Curved touch display product series are equipped with the most advanced projection capacitors as standard (GFF) touch technology can support 10 touch points. It has the advantages of fast response speed, high touch accuracy and no touch pressure. Compared with other touch technologies, the touch operation experience is better. For special applications or particularly harsh use environments, we can provide touch display products with customized enhanced projection capacitor screen that meet industrial requirements.
  2. Seamless assembly with projection capacitor screen to achieve dust-proof and waterproof performance; The design realizes the flat assembly with various cabinets, which makes the installation more convenient and has a better visual effect; The front frame component composed of plastic middle frame and capacitive touch screen is fixed with screws between the iron plate, which abandons the traditional way of bonding and fixing the touch screen and LCD with double-sided adhesive tape, which not only simplifies the production process, but also greatly improves the convenience of component replacement and the maintainability of the whole machine..
  3. The color is exquisite and gorgeous. It can restore the real color under different lighting conditions to meet the needs of color restoration in different industries.
  4. Stronger structural compatibility, compatible with various stand-alone versions, Android network versions, x86 and other different schemes, capacitance G + G and non touch (optional).
  5. Compact structure design, suitable for installation in various ways, metal shielding structure, can prevent external electromagnetic interference and no radiation.
  6. Ultra thin design, novel and beautiful appearance, fast and simple installation.
  7. Wide voltage range, can work normally at AC100 ~ 240V (50 / 60Hz).
  8. Energy saving, environmental protection, low energy consumption, low calorific value, suitable for long-time continuous work.



*Gambling and Other Game console terminals

*Automatic terminal

*Banking industry

*Public display industry


Model OB430PTK3C-4K
LCD panel Active area 963.6(H)×557.9(V)mm
Display ratio 16:09
Backlight LED
Backlight MTBF(hr) Over 50000
Resolution 3840×2160
Luminance 300cd/m2
Contrast 1300:01:00
Response time 8ms
Dot pitch 0.2451(H)×0.2451(V)mm
Support color 16.7M
Viewing angle Horizontal/Vertical:178°/178°
PCAP Touch technology Projected Capacitive Technology G+G
Touch Screen Response time <5ms
Touch points 10 points touch as standard
Touch effective recognition >1.5mm
Scanning frequency 200HZ
Scanning accuracy 4096 x 4096
Communication mode Full speed USB2.0,USB3.0
Theoretical clicks More than 50 million
Working current/voltage 180Ma/DC+5V+/-5%
Anti-light interference Normal when the strong light of sunlight, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp etc. changes
Touch data output method Coordinate output
Surface hardness Physically toughened, Mohs grade 7 explosion-proof glass
Operating system Android/Windows
Driver Drive free, plug and play
Other interface HDMI1.4 Input 1 pcs
HDMI2.0 Input 1 pcs
Touch USB 1 pcs
Headphone output 1 pcs
AC 1 pcs
Power supply Working voltage AC220V  50/60Hz
Max power dissipation 135W
Power consumption 0.8W
Environment Temperature 0~40 degrees Celsius
Humidity 10~90%RH
Other Product size 1003.2*595*161.6mm
Package size 1100*705*245mm
Net weight 23.95KG
Gross weight 26.8KG
Accessory Power cable*1, HDMI*1,USB cable*1,Remote*1


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