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IR Touch Panel Infrared (IR) Touch Screen Frame Panels 31.5″~98″

OBF Series IR Touch panel infrared frame disassembly shipment, Easy assembly ir touch frame. Please download drawing to check dimension.

Download IR Touch Panel Frame/IR Touch Overlay DIY Drawings

31.5″ OBF315WH00D  40″ OBF40WH00D  43″ OBF43WH00D

46″ OBF46WH00D  47″ OBF47WH00D  48″ OBF48WH00D

49″OBF49WH00D  50″ OBF50WH00D  55″ OBF55WH00D

58″ OBF58WH00D  60″ OBF60WH00D  65″ OBF65WH00D

69.5″ OBF695WH00D  70″ OBF70WH00D  75″ OBF75WH00D

80″ OBF80WH00D  82″ OBF82WH00D  84″ OBF84WH00D

85″ OBF85WH00D  98″ OBF98WH00D

Touch Frame SpecificationsTechnologyInfrared Touchscreen Frame Overlay ( Plug and Play type)
Model NumberOBF000WH00D
View Area697.7*392.3 mm
Out dimensionDownload Drawing
Touch Points10 Points/ 20 Points
HousingAluminum Alloy
Housing ColorBlack
Interpolation Resolution3267(W) * 3267(H)
Response Timeless 15ms
Frame Rate125Hz
Touch Accuracy±2mm(over 90% Area)
Input MethodFinger, Finger cover by glove, Opaque objects
Output FormCoordinate Value
Touch DurabilityUnlimited
Minimum Object Sizes For Touch6mm for single touch, 8mm for multi touch
InterfaceUSB/ TTL Serial Port
Electrical SpecificationsCommunication TypeUSB2.0 Full Speed
Transmission Rate12Mbps
Power SupplyUSB
Working VoltageDC 5V±5%
Average Currentless 300mA
Storage ConditionsStorage Temperature-10℃~40℃
Storage Humidity30%~70% RH
Storage Time6 Months
Relibility TestLow Temperature OperationTemperature: -20℃, time: 48H
Low Temperature StartTemperature: -20℃, time: 4H
Low Temperature StorageTemperature: -20℃, time: 48H
High Temperature Operation testTemperature: 60℃, time: 48H
High-Temperature, High-humidity OperationTemperature: 60℃, humidity: 95%RH, no condensation, time: 48H
High-temperature, High-humidity storageTemperature: 60℃, humidity: 95%RH, no condensation, time: 48H
Temperature Change TestTemperature: -20℃~60℃, Loop number: 10 times, Speed: 1℃/min
Thermal Shock TestHigh temperature: 85℃, low temperature: -45℃, 50 cycles
Packing Vibration TestFrequency:  5~200H,  power  spectral  density:  0.015G2/Hz,  total  RMS
acceleration: 1.57G, vibration mode: random vibration
Package Drop TestA corner three side six-faces
ESD LevelAccording to IEC61000-4-2 level B. Contact discharge 4 KV, air discharge 8KV
Support SystemWindowswindows 2000/XP/Vista/CE6.0/7/8/8.1/10
Linuxinclude or over aove : Fedora 10 / Ubuntu 10.04/ RedFlag 6.2/ OpenSuse 11.4
AndroidOver 4.0 version
Mac10.9 or lower/ 10.10 or above
Chrome39 or above
重量4 kg
尺寸120 × 8 × 8 cm



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