10.4″ IR Touch Frame for outdoor use, ORW104UZ-IX02

10.4″ IR Touch Frame for outdoor use, ORW104UZ-IX02


10.4″ IR Touch Frame for outdoor use, ORW104UZ-IX02


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Product Description

10.4″ IR Touch Frame for outdoor use, ORW104UZ-IX02

Mechanical Specifications

Touch objects Finger, gloved finger, or any other opaque stylus
Touch points 2 points
Touch Technology Infrared rays interception detection, no special surface coatings
Available Size 10.4”\12.1” \15”\17” \19” \21.5’’
Dimensions See Drawing
Touch Active Area See Drawing
Glass 3mm tempered glass (customizable)
Transmittance ≥85% with glass
Shell Material Top Shell:  (PC) Polycarbonate (PC)

Bottom Shell: SGCC

Pressure Required to Trigger Touch Event No pressure required.


Electrical Specifications

Controller reported resolution 32767×32767
Touch accuracy <1mm(central area)

<2mm(edge area)

Touch object diameter ≥φ7 (single point)

≥φ10 (two points, spacing ≥10mm)

Touch Output Touch point Coordinates
Calibration No calibration required or Four-point calibration, no drift


Response Time ≥9ms
Power requirements USB  (DC5V±5% @ 500mA)

Powered by USB (DC5V±5% @ 500mA)

Power consumption <1.5W
MTBF 61000H


Interface Specifications

Interface Type USB HID
Plug and Play Drive free, Plug and play and HID compatible
Connector Type Type A


Environmental Specifications

Temperature Operating:-20~70℃


Relative Humidity Operating:10%-90% RH, 40℃ non-condensing

Storage:10%-90% RH, 40℃ non-condensing

Electrostatic Protection EN61000-4-2 2008:L4, 8kV, 15kV

EN61000-4-2 2008: Level 4, Class B. Contact discharge 8kV, air discharge 15kV on USB connector pins



Ambient Light Tolerance

10°, one pointφ10, halogen lamp (Color Temperature=2700K):

illumination ≥6k Lux

10°, one point φ10, sunlight:illumination ≥30k Lux
EMC CE, FCC Class B Compatible
Seal ability IP65 (Front)


Software Specifications

Firmware Upgradability Yes
Device Type Touch (with gesture support per OS)

Mouse (Click, drag, double click, right-click)

Calibration Four-point calibration, no drift
Multi-Monitor Support Manual operation
Operating Systems Support Windows (xp\7\8.1\10), Linux (≥2.6), Android(≥2.6), Vxwork (≥6.5)
Weight 5 kg


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