Surface Capacitive Touchscreen

    Surface Capacitive Touchscreen

    Obtouch’s Surface Capacitive Touchscreen Overview

    Surface Capacitive Touchscreen’s Technology

    Surface capacitive touchscreens consist of a glass substrate covered with an insulating protective layer and a transparent conductive layer, usually indium tin oxide (ITO). Electrodes along the edges create a uniform electric field across the surface, When a conductive object (such as a human finger) touches the screen, it distorts the localized electrostatic field and changes the capacitance of the touch point. The touch screen controller detects this change and calculates the touch coordinates.

    Surface Capacitive Touchscreen’s Advantages & Disadvantages

    Surface capacitive touchscreens offer several advantages, including durability due to the protective insulating layer, which makes them resistant to scratches and contaminants. They also offer high optical clarity and brightness because they don’t have the multiple layers common in  other touch technologies. In addition, these panels are very reliable because they have no moving parts, which reduces mechanical wear. However, they also have disadvantages, such as limited multi-touch support compared to projected capacitive touch panels (P-CAP) and the need for a conductive object to register a touch, so they are not compatible with gloved hands or non-conductive styluses. Additionally, they are generally more expensive than resistive touch panels, but cheaper than advanced technologies such as P-CAP.

    Surface Capacitive Touchscreen’s Applications

    Surface capacitive touchscreens are often used in applications where durability and clarity are important. They can be used in ATMs and self-service kiosks, where they can withstand frequent use and potential contaminant exposure. They are also used in industrial controls and instrumentation, where they provide reliable performance in demanding environments. Other applications include point-of-sale (POS) systems, where their durability and high optical clarity are beneficial, and gaming machines and casino applications, where their wear resistance is critical.

    Obtouch surface capacitive touchscreens sizes range from 7 inches to 32 inches, and can be customized to meet different requirements

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    12.39 inch Surface Capacitive Touchscreen, Compatible with 3M SCT3250EX12.39

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