Digital Classroom Displays

    Digital Classroom Displays

    Digital Class Displays, Door Displays, Class Displays




    Display parameters

    LCD specifications A scale group screen
    LCD size 21.5 Inch
    resolution ratio 1920*1080
    Visual Angle 89/89/89/89
    Screen ratio 16:9
    screen intensity ≥450cd/m2
    Backlit type WLED
    Display area 477.5*269.2mm
    Pixel arrangement RGB is in vertical bars



    system parameter

    operating system Android
    System version Android 7.1
    CPU RK3288
    Run memory 2G
    Store memory 16G
    Pre-installed software Class card software
    system interface DC-IN * 1 HDMI output * 1 RJ 45 * 1 Headphone holder * 1 TF holder * 1 USB * 2


    Touch parameters


    Touch scheme High-channel capacitance G + G touch scheme
    Touch media Finger or capacitive touch pen
    Touch accuracy ≦2mm
    Touch point number 10 Touch Points
    Touch calibration Software calibration




    system function

    camera 2 million HD cameras
    swing card Built-in card reader supports reading IC smart cards
    Audio function Built-in 2 high-pitch and high-quality speakers
    Communication function Wifi Ethernet Option 3G / 4G (Full Netcom)
    Remote control function Support remote control operation
    Mouse function Support mouse keyboard hot plug
    Timed function Support for custom switch time
    Video play Support for wmv, avi, flv, rm, rmvb, mpeg, ts, mp4 and other formats
    Picture play Support BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF and other formats







    Software introduction


    multimedia display

    Can display the class information, class style, daily information, weather information, countdown event information, school notice and announcement, and can according to the class situation, personalized display. Support emergency notification mode, class mode, attendance mode, regular mode, test mode, countdown mode.
    attendance management Add the function of signing in to the electronic class card. Students can swipe the card on the class card at the door of the classroom and sign in by themselves. The class attendance situation is clear at a glance
    overall merit The school can set up various project dimensions to conduct assessment and evaluation. Teachers can collect, organize and analyze students ‘test scores, attendance information evaluation and other data in real time according to the actual situation, so as to timely understand students’ learning status
     Educational affairs display Docking with the course selection and scheduling subsystem of the web management system, displaying the class day course schedule, current course information, class teacher information, class student information and next course information.
     Examination management Through the examination room information released by the teacher, the information of the examination room, including the location of the examination room personnel, the test number, and the invigilator can show and query one by one.
    More multi-functional Please refer to the operating instructions or contact the manufacturer

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