High Brightness LCD panel compare with normal brightness panel at dark room

High Brightness LCD panel, Sunlight readable LCD panel:
Sunlight readable tft displays solution for the outdoor applications, Obeytouch sunlight readable tft including 10.1″ and 98 inch high brightness lcd panel. Obeytouch high brightness LCD panel is featured with high brightness up to 1000 nits and 3500 nits. Our sunlight readable LCD could be with capacitive touch film and capacitive touch panel, the brightness would be affected after adding the protective glass or touch panel. Obeytec Sunlight Readable LCD Modules (High Brightness TFT Display) are suitable for outdoor and other industrial applications. Obeytec sunlight readable LCD is with high brightness back-light to make the display sunlight viewable, sunlight readable TFT LCD is perfect for outdoor. Obeytec Ultra-Bright TFT-LCD series and sunlight readable series used super brightness LED back-light, and make tft LCD readable under direct sunlight, and gives you the intensity and brilliance your application requires. Custom make sunlight readable tft LCD is very welcome to us. Operating temperature: -20~60 degree, storage temperature: -20~70 degree, and also -30~85 wide temperature tft LCD are also available. Welcome to contact us for custom make sunlight readable tft LCD.