Infrared touch screen

Infrared Touch screen also called IR touch screen (IR Touch frame or IR Touch panel) is made and designed for indoor or outdoor applications. Multi touch points 2 touchpoints up to 20 touchpoints.

Obeytec Infrared Touch screen is composed of infrared emitting and receiving sensing elements mounted on the outer frame of the touch screen. On the surface of the screen, an infrared detection net is formed. Any touch object can change the infrared rays on the contacts to realize the touch screen operation. The realization principle of infrared touch screen is similar to that of surface acoustic wave touch, it uses infrared emitting and receiving sensing elements. These elements form an infrared detection network on the surface of the screen, and touch-operated objects (such as fingers) can change the infrared rays of the touchpoint, which is then converted into the coordinate position of the touch to detect the response of the operation. On the infrared touch screen, the circuit board devices arranged on the four sides of the screen have infrared emitting tubes and infrared receiving tubes, correspondingly forming an infrared matrix that crosses horizontally and vertically.

Highly stable, no drift due to time and environmental changes
Highly adaptable, free from current, voltage and electrostatic interference, suitable for some harsh environmental conditions (explosion-proof, dust-proof)
High light transmittance without intermediate medium, up to 100% standard
Long service life, high durability, not afraid of scratches, long touch life
Good use characteristics, no force required for touch, no special requirements for the touch body
Supports simulated 1 point under XP, and supports true 2-20 points under WIN7,
Support USB, serial port output,
The resolution is 4096(W)*4096(D)
Good operating system compatibility Win2000/XP/98ME/NT/VISTA/X86/LINUX/Win7
Touch diameter >= 5mm
Will be interfered by strong infrared rays, such as remote control, high-temperature objects, sunlight or incandescent lamps and other infrared sources illuminate the infrared receiver tube,
Will be subject to strong electromagnetic interference, such as transformers, etc.

F Series IR touch frames: No Glass

C Series Infrared Touch Screen: