Sun readable High Brightness LCD Panels

Obeytec is manufacturer of high brightness lcd panels. We could produce high brightness lcd panel from 7 inch to 86 inch normal sizes in the market.

The high-brightness LCD display shows bright and clear colors, good quality and stable supply. Brightness means that the LCD screen is displayed with high brightness. Generally, the brightness of the ultra-thin high-brightness LCD screen is 1000cd/㎡ to 5000cd/㎡ during normal display.
cd/㎡ is the brightness unit of the high-brightness LCD display. The higher the value, the brighter the display. When it reaches 500cd/㎡, it is defined as the highlight. In different applications, the same brightness value may make you feel Relatively dark, such as a well-lit room. After turning off the lights at night, such brightness values may be bright again.